Get in the Game!

Ever sit on the sidelines and watch other succeed? Wonder what they are doing that you’re not that is allowing them to reach their goals while you stay stagnant? Sometimes the answer is simple-they are making those simple changes to their daily lives to get closer to the person they want to be while you continue with old routines, old habits, and hold yourself back from reaching your true potential.

There will also be those people in your life that make things sound way too obvious, you want to lose weight, lose weight. You want to get fit, get fit. You want to eat healthy, eat healthy. You want to cut sugar, cut sugar. Unfortunately this advice is not helpful, encouraging or motivational (even if the individual has the best intentions). So, yes the answer is simple, but not quite that simple. First thing we need to do is come up with our long term goal so that we can develop small steps to achieve it.

Alright, its list time. If you’re anything like me than you will love to write lists. What is it you’re reaching for. Where do you see yourself in 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, 1 year. Write and down. Its harder to focus on what we need to do daily if we don’t know our long term goal. Now that your goals are written, what small steps need to happen daily to get you closer to achieving them? Some examples may include waking up 20 minutes earlier, not watching tv during the week, drinking more water, planning meals ahead of time, creating a home office space. You need to decide what small steps will allow you to make the necessary changes to reach your long term goals.

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