House Keeper- yay or nay?

Have you ever woke up Monday Morning and felt as though your weekend went too quickly? Or that you didn’t have much of a weekend at all? Sometimes we spend the majority of our weekends catching up on house work that we didn’t get around to during the week. This then turns into that Monday Dread that I spoke of in a previous post.

If you can relate then I ask you this, at what point is it ok to spend money in order to buy your time back?

We will often prioritize what we are willing to spend our money on without giving it much thought. We live in a world of immediate gratification, convenience, satisfying urges, keeping up with appearances, etc.

So I ask you, is hiring a professional to clean your home necessary or simply another way of keeping up with what society makes us feel is necessary?

There are definitely arguments to both sides of this but lately I’ve been noticing a number of articles backing the fact that when you’re able to have a professional come into your home and take some major time-consuming burdens off your plate that you will not only be grateful but it will actually add years to your life. OK, I made that last part up but I wouldn’t doubt if it were true. It’s like anything else, you need to decide if the benefits out weight the consequences.

So, what are the benefits? Saves time, clean house, more time to spend with your family or doing the things you love. You can

The consequences? Money, you could get someone that lacks professionalism, not cleaned the way you like.

Perhaps I am over thinking but I am curious to know your thoughts? Is it worth it? Is it necessary? Comment your thoughts…..yay or nay?

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