Moms United


Moms exist in all shapes and size, age, religion, ethnicity, economic status, and race.

Some experience hard times, some have it easy.

Some give birth naturally, some do not.

Some cook healthy nutritious meals, some eat out 7 nights a week.

Some work full time, some stay home.

Some are married, and some are not.

While celebrating our differences we can also agree that there is one commonality that unite us all.








for that little being that grew inside us. We have been blessed to have them call us mom. We owe it to them, and ourselves, to be the best version of ourselves, regardless of current circumstance.

Past circumstance and current circumstance do not equal future circumstance. As moms, we have choices. We have them every moment of every single day. We can choose to uplift each other, support each other, unite and improve circumstances for future generations. OR we can choose not to.

I have researched 30 different moms, 30 different circumstances, and 30 unique stories. My hopes are to express, through short story, one thing; the one thing that unites us all for what we are.

We are moms.

We are loved.

We are not alone.

Those tiny eyes watching you, loving you, following your every move have nothing but love for you. More importantly though they need you to first love yourself. All too often moms are comparing and judging and wondering why another acts in the way that they do. We must learn to build each other up rather than find one another’s faults. We are all deserving of support, encouragement and love. The truth is, I am willing to wager that each and every one you have done both, compared and judged. Perhaps you’ve compared yourself to a sister, a friend, a stranger. You know the one I’m speaking of. Their house is spotless, nails always done, kids perfectly dressed, they’ve got it all together. Then there is the judgment; the mom in the grocery store about to lose her cool because her kids are screaming. Then, instead of dealing with it, she buys them the candy they’ve been screaming about for the past fifteen minutes. We have all done it. We have all compared and we have all judged.

This series of short stories that you will see over the next few months is meant to open us up. Open us to the realities that others are facing. Open us up to what others are facing. Mostly though, to encourage us to find it within us to build up, support, encourage and unite.

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