House Keeper- yay or nay?

Have you ever woke up Monday Morning and felt as though your weekend went too quickly? Or that you didn’t have much of a weekend at all? Sometimes we spend the majority of our weekends catching up on house work that we didn’t get around to during the week. This then turns into that Monday Dread that I spoke of in a previous post.

If you can relate then I ask you this, at what point is it ok to spend money in order to buy your time back?

We will often prioritize what we are willing to spend our money on without giving it much thought. We live in a world of immediate gratification, convenience, satisfying urges, keeping up with appearances, etc.

So I ask you, is hiring a professional to clean your home necessary or simply another way of keeping up with what society makes us feel is necessary?

There are definitely arguments to both sides of this but lately I’ve been noticing a number of articles backing the fact that when you’re able to have a professional come into your home and take some major time-consuming burdens off your plate that you will not only be grateful but it will actually add years to your life. OK, I made that last part up but I wouldn’t doubt if it were true. It’s like anything else, you need to decide if the benefits out weight the consequences.

So, what are the benefits? Saves time, clean house, more time to spend with your family or doing the things you love. You can

The consequences? Money, you could get someone that lacks professionalism, not cleaned the way you like.

Perhaps I am over thinking but I am curious to know your thoughts? Is it worth it? Is it necessary? Comment your thoughts…..yay or nay?

Case of the Mondays

Anyone have a case of the Mondays?

There are 2 ways to look at Monday, you can be enslaved to it and be cranky all day or you can embrace it and start your week off with a bang. The first view is so much easier and seems to be much more popular. This really just means you now have one less day in the week to get done what you need to do and Tuesday now becomes your Monday.

I have often dreaded Mondays. Weekend is over and now back to work.

I haven’t always used my days or my time effectively which has resulted in less production, less success and ultimately 52 less opportunities in the year to have a great day.

If we tell ourselves it’s Monday and Mondays are bad then it only make sense that our day will go according to our mental state.

Once I decided to start taking my Mondays back things started falling into place for me. I started using Mondays as my day to shine. Starting the week off with a clean(ish) house, a nice outfit, wake up a little earlier (not a lot, but a little) so not to rush. This changed my mindset for the entire week.

We are creatures of habit and if we fall into bad ones, it’s hard to break out. Make sure your habits are ones that are working in your favour and not against you. Life is hard enough as it is.

Hitting snooze Monday morning and setting yourself up for a bad day is all on you. There is no one to blame but yourself (and we’ve all been there). Make a habit out of liking Monday again and you have just given yourself 14.3% higher chance of enjoyment.

It’s worth a shot right?

Summer is just around the corner!

Summer in 3 months!

Some of you are feeling fantastic, super comfortable in your own skin and you are exactly where you want to be- that’s awesome!

Others have a vision of where they would like to see themselves but are not quite there yet.

If we use summer as a timeline, we have exactly 3 months to prepare and ensure we will be feeling the way we want and deserve by the time that beautiful, bathing suit wearing, and flip flop wearing weather arrives. You may even have an idea or know exactly what you need to do to get yourself there but just need a little jump start or some accountability.


You may have no idea where to start.

What’s important to remember is that you’re not alone in this. There are so many of us that need that extra push, motivation and guidance along the way and that is totally normal. While personal training I read article after article supporting the positive results of hiring a trainer and it was evident that individual results were dramatically increased for those that worked with a trainer vs those that worked alone. The same can be said about individuals that have a workout buddy, walking buddy or accountability buddy while trying to make some healthy living changes. Knowing that someone else is there for you and also there to hold you accountable leads to an increased success rate. If you don’t already have that buddy or you’re not in the position to hire a personal trainer or nutritionist then you’re in the right place. I will be right there along-side you every step of the way.

There is currently a group pf motivated women supporting each other in taking the small steps necessary to a healthier lifestyle. Send a shout out to to join FOR FREE and start living your own healthy lifestyle.

Sitting on the sidelines

Do you ever just go through the motions of life without really living it?

I’ve been there. It had been a year and a half since my second child was born and I was dragging through the days, weeks and months with low energy and a negative mindset. I had gradually gained pound after pound and was putting off all the things I enjoyed because I just didn’t have the energy. I felt as though I was on the sidelines of my own life.

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could make a change in your life but not really sure where to start. Well, take it from me, better to just start even if you’re not sure where. The longer you think about doing something without acting on it, the longer you’re sitting on the sidelines of your own life. The day I decided to take action and start acting, rather than wishing, was the day that changed my life for the positive. Little by little those pounds I had slowly gained began to melt away and little by little I felt by body and mind transform from tired, unmotivated and weak to energetic, strong and ready for the day. All of the activities that I had once enjoyed I was doing again and I had no trouble keeping up with my kids and enjoying my moments with them in a way I hadn’t.

I encourage you to make the changed necessary to live your days your way. Do not be held hostage by your limitations but break through and live your best you! Looking for extra support? Be sure to join myself and many others as we work together toward a healthier lifestyle.

Join us at

Get in the Game!

Ever sit on the sidelines and watch other succeed? Wonder what they are doing that you’re not that is allowing them to reach their goals while you stay stagnant? Sometimes the answer is simple-they are making those simple changes to their daily lives to get closer to the person they want to be while you continue with old routines, old habits, and hold yourself back from reaching your true potential.

There will also be those people in your life that make things sound way too obvious, you want to lose weight, lose weight. You want to get fit, get fit. You want to eat healthy, eat healthy. You want to cut sugar, cut sugar. Unfortunately this advice is not helpful, encouraging or motivational (even if the individual has the best intentions). So, yes the answer is simple, but not quite that simple. First thing we need to do is come up with our long term goal so that we can develop small steps to achieve it.

Alright, its list time. If you’re anything like me than you will love to write lists. What is it you’re reaching for. Where do you see yourself in 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, 1 year. Write and down. Its harder to focus on what we need to do daily if we don’t know our long term goal. Now that your goals are written, what small steps need to happen daily to get you closer to achieving them? Some examples may include waking up 20 minutes earlier, not watching tv during the week, drinking more water, planning meals ahead of time, creating a home office space. You need to decide what small steps will allow you to make the necessary changes to reach your long term goals.